Meet Mulberry merino!

Mulberry Merino in Luna from the Grey Collection

Psssttt…I’ve also got a few new colourways to share with you : ) They’re stunningly subtle and perfect for summer..

Cashmerino Worsted in Paper Birch from the Grey Collection

Cashmerino Sock in Vintage Lace from the Lost & Found Collection

Cashmerino Worsted in Moonstone from the Grey Collection

They were all a part of yesterday’s etsy update! You can find them here. Enjoy!

Last Sunday after visiting the Victoria Fibre Fest Saxe Point Market we spent the rest of the day driving around the island, visiting a few yarn shops and enjoying the beautiful coastal scenery. Here is some of the inspiration I gathered from the trip…

The best beaches are those with rows upon rows of colourless driftwood.

And the most beautiful sea treasures can be found where the waves meet the shore

such as bits of smooth sea glass

and gorgeous pieces of wood.

And my favourite skies are those found above the open sea,

and full of birds.

And if you search between the rocks

you will find tiny, temporary worlds

full of life and colour

and broken bits of beautiful too.

Saxe Point

This past Sunday I took a trip to the Island with Jason and my parents to visit this year’s Victoria Fibre Fest Saxe Point Market. We decided we wanted to get there right when it opened at 10am, which meant we’d have to catch the 7am ferry and be up and awake at 4:45am. Sadly we didn’t make it there for 10, our ferry broke down and was unable to dock. We floated around and did a few circles for about an hour or so. This gave us lots of time to speculate and come up with various ways in which we were potentially going to be rescued.

Luckily the three engines decided to start working again.

Saxe Point

When we finally arrived at the market the view was amazing. And with an open grass field of fibre vendors, what more could you want?

Knits by the Sea

I was really excited to finally get to meet Ellie from Knits by the Sea (she blogged about it here). It was great to see that her booth was super busy the whole time I was there. This was the least crowded picture I was able to capture. I did get to say hi and chat for a minute or two, she’s so sweet! Her helper looked quite content also.  Do you see the two top left shelves? Yep, that’s my stuff! It was really nice to see how much everyone liked it.

top: Cashmerino Sock, bottom: what's left of the silk cashmere fingering : )

After we left the market we went on quite the adventure, finding beautiful remote beaches where many pictures were taken and sea treasures collected. Part II coming soon!

Updated etsy with some Silk Cashmere Fingering this afternoon. Here’s a peek..

Luna from the Grey Collection

Olivine from the Grey Collection

Seawall, a new addition to the Grey Collection

You can find them here.

Thought I’d give you a peak at a new limited edition yarn that’s in the works. It’s 50% silk 50% merino and knits to a worsted weight. I’ve been experimenting with it recently and love the way it knits. So glossy and soft.. Mmm! Can’t wait to release it. Should be popping up on etsy next week sometime.

Spirit, Luna, Olivine, Pink Haze

I’m off to Victoria tomorrow to visit this year’s Victoria Fibrefest and to attend the Saxe Point Market with my parents and Jason. I’m looking forward to meeting Cat Bordhi and seeing all the beautiful local fibres! As always, I’ll be taking my camera along for the trip so you can bet on some pictures and a new post on Monday.

I’ve a finished project to share with you all! It took a little under a week to complete and I’m in love with the results. It was one of this summer’s Knitty Surprises and is currently the top new design on Ravelry. The construction is genius, though the 363 stitch cast on may seem a tad daunting in the beginning, once you get past the beginning lace section it finishes up quite quickly. And I love how there isn’t a single wrap in the short row section, all the gaps are eliminated when the decreases are made! The soft & squishy Cashmerino Sock gives the shawl a lovely warmth and weight.

Pattern: Annis

Designer: Susanna IC

Yarn: 1 skein of Cashmerino Sock in Luna

Needles: 5 mm

Ravelry: Project Page

This past Saturday we held our annual World Wide Knit in Pulic Day event at the shop. I was working but managed to get in a few rows on my new shawl design in between customers. After all the rain we’ve been having we were lucky enough to have a gorgeous sunny day. We gathered quite a few looks (some looked interested, others looked as us if we were nuts or something..) from locals walking and those driving along the busy road in front.

Look at all those happy knitters!

Thanks to everyone who came out, it was a lot of fun and I look forward to next year!

Yarn Candy Sweet Fiber Silk Cashmere Fingering & Cashmerino Sock are now available at Knits By The Sea in Tofino, BC.

Cashmerino Sock @ Knits By The Sea

Knits By The Sea is a new yarn shop, having just opened this past May. They carry a bunch of locally dyed and spun yarns. So if you’re in the Tofino area you’ll definitely have to stop by for a visit. Can’t wait to go see it for myself : )

For more information you can visit their website here.

Colourways are something I’ve been struggling with for quite awhile. To have or not to have? I find they come with limits and restrains that I’m not quite ready to work with just yet. Perhaps they’re unavoidable. Rather than choose I’ve decided to incorporate both ways of working – to continue working freely and organically without colourways and to label the tested, tried and true colours with proper names.

What better place to start than with my favourites, the coloured greys.

From left to right we have Oxidized Silver, Pink Haze, Olivine, Spirit & Luna. Each is a beautiful combination of colour and grey with subtle, blended transitions inbetween. (shown in our Silk Cashmere Fingering blend)

| Oxidized Silver | Pink Haze | Olivine | Spirit | Luna |

I’m proud to announce the new home of Yarn Candy, Sweet Fiber!

For the past year I’ve been blogging here about all sorts of things; knitting, vacations, school, the process of dyeing yarn.. And I plan to continue, right here! So update your bookmarks, bloglines and links if you haven’t already and stay tuned, there’s lots of exciting announcements ahead.

As construction on the website continues, many more pictures, links and information will be added.

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